News and updates!

March 2022

Melissa Chen’s work on bacterial biofilms was chosen as a Spotlight piece for Applied and Environmental Microbiology! -article here

January 2022

Graduate student Melissa Chen publishes her first dissertation chapter in Molecular Ecology!

December 2021

Melissa Chen graduates and becomes Dr. Chen!!  Congratulations to Melissa, an amazing lab member and quantitative microbial ecologist. We are so proud. Melissa is starting a postdoc at the University of British Columbia.

August 2021

Graduate student Alex Alexiev publishes her first dissertation chapter in PLOS One!

Summer 2016

Check out the article about our work in High Country News 

It’s all about toads, microbes, and Prince!

Spring 2016

Christine Avena is a Fulbright Scholar!

She will continue her studies on the bat microbiome in Switzerland in Fall 2016.

CU Press Release

Congratulations, Christine!