Prospective Students

For the 2021-22 cycle, I may be recruiting new graduate students but it will depend on funding availability. Check back for updates.

If you have research interests and goals that overlap with my own, I encourage you to contact me.  Please send an email with a short letter stating your background, experience, and specific research interests as well as a current CV.

I am seeking highly motivated students who have some prior research experience. My perspective on mentoring is that PhD students should initiate and develop their own research projects that they are passionate about. I enjoy facilitating my students’ research and collaborating with them on the design and progress of their work. Creativity, working independently, and good writing skills are valued highly!

We have a fun, creative, and collaborative lab group. EBIO maintains support for graduate students primarily through Teaching Assistantships (TAs).  With future grant support, I expect that there will be the opportunity to have Research Assistantships (RAs) to work on specific projects. All students are encouraged to apply for external fellowships such as the National Science Foundation’s Pre-doctoral Fellowship (  The application deadlines for these fellowships are usually in mid to late fall – please check the current websites.